How To: Gimme My Classic Editor Back!

Change is inevitable, and your WordPress website is no different. However, not everyone likes an upgrade, which was the case for some users when WordPress switched their blog editor from the Classic WordPress Editor to Gutenberg Blocks. If you’re one of those users longing to go back, there is a way!

Working within Gutenberg blocks, you can currently select a “Classic” block. (If you don’t see it pop up as an option, type “Classic” in the block search bar.)

Users with sites on the WordPress platform also have another option: the Classic Editor from WordPress plugin. This WordPress-supported plugin allows you to switch from the new Gutenberg block editor to the classic blog editor.

  1. Login to your WordPress website
  2. Click Plugins in the WordPress Navigation menu on the left side of your screen
  3. Click on “Classic Editor” (or search for it).
  4. Install the Plugin
  5. Open Settings from the WordPress navigation menu on the left side of your screen
  6. Change your “Default editor for all users” to Classic Editor
  7. Select your preferred option for “Allow users to switch editors”

Even though the classic editor is preferred by many, please be aware that WordPress won’t support this plugin forever. In their own words:

Classic Editor is an official WordPress plugin, and will be fully supported and maintained until at least 2022, or as long as is necessary.

It is in your best interest to learn to use the Gutenberg Block editor for your blog before the Classic Editor is gone for good. Thankfully, WordPress has a resource for that! Check out their handy Block Editor Handbook for more information. also has a more user-friendly tutorial.

For users with a free, Personal, or Premium WordPress plan, click on Pages from the WordPress Navigation menu on the left side of your screen. Move your cursor to the top right corner and click on the drop-down arrow for Screen Options. Select Classic Editor.

If you have questions about finding the Classic block or adding the Classic Editor plugin to your website, please contact us to help!

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