How To: Connect Your Site to Site Kit by Google

Site Kit by Google is a WordPress plugin allowing you to see details about your Google Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights from the backend of your WordPress website. After installing the plugin, you will need to connect your site to your Google account where your analytics, search console, etc. are set up. Follow the steps below to connect. **It is recommended to use an incognito or in-private browser session to do this if you use a Google account that is different from the primary one you use in the Chrome browser.

  1. Login to your WordPress website
  2. Click Site Kit in the WordPress Navigation menu on the left side of your screen
  3. Click the Sign In with Google button and login to the Google account that is connected with Google Search Console
  4. Select the account you are logged into if needed.
  5. The next screen is titled “Turn on metrics in your dashboard.” This option will allow you to show metrics in your Site Kit dashboard and allow your WordPress to access your Google Account data. Click “Allow.”
  6. A pop up may appear to grant permissions for the Site Kit plugin to connect to your Google Account if you’ve never done it before. The permissions are: View and Manage Search Console Data for Your Verified Sites and Manage the List of Sites and Domains you Control. This means that you are giving permission for the plugin to make changes to your search console account from the backend of your website.
  7. Click Allow on both these permission requests.
  8. Confirm your choices on the next screen. All the boxes should have a checkmark in them. This is again just confirming the permissions you approved in the previous step. Click Allow. You will be redirected back to the Site Kit page on the backend of your website.
  9. Verify your site ownership – Click Proceed. Google will check to see that your information matches and the permissions have been allowed.
  10. Allow access to Google Account data – Click Allow. This gives permission for Site Kit to show your information on the Site Kit dashboard of your site.
  11. Set up Search Console – Click Add Site. This will connect Search Console to your Site Kit.
  12. Once the site has been connected, click Go to Site Kit Dashboard.

Once you are on the Site Kit Dashboard page, you will see a message that says “Congrats on completing the setup for Site Kit! Connect more services to see more stats. Go to Settings.”

Click “Go to Settings” and you’ll be taken to three (3) options in the tabs at the top of the page: Connected Services, Connect More Services, and Admin Settings. Search Console should already show as Connected in the Connected Services tab. Next, you can connect Analytics in the Connect More Services tab.

  1. Click Connect Service under Analytics
  2. Select the Google Account associated with your Google Analytics or follow the prompts to set up a new Google Analytics account. This should be the same account as you used in the previous set of steps. If it is not, you will want to share access to a single account to connect them all through a single Google Account.
  3. A pop-up will appear to grant Site Kit permissions to Google Analytics. Click Allow on see and download your Google Analytics data.
  4. Confirm your permission choices. Click Allow.
  5. Click Configure Analytics and select the details for the analytics view you want to see on your Site Kit Dashboard.

Your analytics should be connected but may not appear for 24 hours as the plugin pulls the data from your Google Account.

If you want to see what speeds your site is running, you can click on Connect Service under PageSpeed Insights. It should connect itself once you click the link. You can also connect your Google AdSense account if this is something you use as well.

If you have questions about connecting Site Kit by Google, feel free to contact us to help!

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