How To: Find Elementor Form Submissions

Your website is up and running, and you have customers telling you that they have sent you a message through your website, but you haven’t seen a notification. Oh no! Well, thankfully, you haven’t missed anything (in theory anyway). Elementor now stores form submissions from your site automatically without extra plugins or coding needed. To access your submissions from the back end of your website, simply follow the below steps or check the video at the end for some additional features.

Finding Submissions on your Elementor Website

  1. Login to your website admin area.

    Use your username and password to login and be redirected to your admin dashboard.

  2. From the Dashboard, hover over Elementor in the left side WP Navigation Menu.

    The WP Navigation Menu is the list of items on the left side of your screen with the black background. Elementor is the page builder your site has been built with.

  3. Click Submissions.

    If you accidentally clicked on Elementor, don’t fret! In the WP Navigation Menu you will see Submissions as a submenu item under Elementor. When you click Submissions, the list of submissions from your forms will appear in the window.

  4. Filtering Forms:

    If you are looking for submissions for a specific form, you can use the drop downs at the top of the list to select your form or select a range for the submissions you are looking for.

  5. View Your Individual Submissions:

    Click the email address in the Main column at the left of the submissions table. The submission will then show on your screen so you can see what was submitted via your form.

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