WordPress Managed Services Comparison





Website Backup

  • Manual backup (once per month)

  • Backup copy stored in JCD cloud storage

  • 2nd backup created and stored for additional security

WordPress Version Updates

  • Update to the latest WordPress version

  • Update error troubleshooting and support

WordPress Theme Updates

  • Update all installed themes to latest version

If child theme

is installed

If child theme

is installed

  • Child theme creation

WordPress Plugin Updates

  • Update all installed plugins to latest version

  • Configure auto-updates

  • Verification of updates, manual update if needed

Once per month

Once per month

Twice per month

  • New plugin installation, configuration, and testing




Website Optimization (for site performance)

  • Plugin installation and configuration

Jetpack (for downtime monitoring)

  • Plugin installation and configuration

Security Activity Review

  • Notification of areas of concern

PHP Updates

  • PHP error troubleshooting and support

Additional Site Updates

1 hour*

2 hours*

  • Content and image additions/revisions

  • Blog posting

  • Event listing additions (if applicable)

  • On-page SEO revisions

  • Performance enhancements

  • Page and feature additions, revisions, and redesigns


  • Email notification of completed updates

  • Detailed monthly report

  • Monthly check-in call

* Any unused time from the current month will be rolled over to the following month. Unused hours banked will be lost at the time the WordPress Managed Services Agreement ends.

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