Web Development Questionnaire

This initial questionnaire is the first step to building you an amazing new website.
These details will provide some insight into your business and what you have in mind for your site’s design.
Upon receiving your information, we will schedule a short meeting to discuss additional details and you will receive a quote for your website.

    Organization Name*:

    Primary Contact*:




    Describe your target audience. Who is searching for your products or services?

    What are your corporate core values and how do you express them to your visitors?

    What makes your company stand out from your competitors?


    What is the purpose of the website? (Gain leads, provide information, etc.)

    Are there any websites with designs you like? (Please provide links)

    What about those websites would you like to see incorporated into your site?

    What types of things do you see on other websites that you really like?

    What types of things do you see on other websites that you really dislike?


    Do you have a domain name? (www.example.com) YesNoUnsure

    Have you already determined where your site will be hosted? YesNoUnsure

    What pages or information you wish to see on your site? (Examples: Home, About, FAQ, Contact, etc.)

    How many pages do you anticipate the final site having?

    What actions do you want visitors to your site to take?

    Does your site need a blog? YesNoUnsure

    Will your site require an events calendar? YesNoUnsure

    Do you plan to sell anything on your site? YesNoUnsure

    When do you need the site completed by?


    Is there anything else you would like to share about the site you are requesting?