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Your Website is the Hub of Your Business

Today, Google is the Main Street of the 1950s. No longer do customers see a brick-and-mortar store with a large sign to let them know that your business exists. Today, if a customer can’t find you in a search engine, to them, you aren’t in business. This is why it is so important to not only have a website online but one that is eye-catching, user-friendly, and performs at the highest standards. 

At JCD Promotions, we work with our clients to learn about their business and what their customers are searching for. This allows us to design and develop a website that is both visually representative of their company and structured for their audience. These sites are easy to navigate and load quickly to keep the attention of those viewing it. Customers are more likely to work with and purchase from a company that understands them and shows that through their website and marketing. 

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Website Platforms & Systems

We work with a variety of platforms, site builders, and payment processing options. Below is just a short list of the platforms and services we work the most with.

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Why work with JCD?

JCD brings experience in marketing, sales, public relations, design, programming, writing, project management, and more. With this background, JCD spends time at the beginning of the relationship with her clients to learn about their business and their customers to ensure that the messaging and design of their website speaks to and can be found by the people they are trying to reach. 

JCD has created a process that helps her clients to get in front of the right people in the right places. Her clients retain control of their website and are given full administrative access to their hosting, domain, and website. For those who wish to maintain and update their website themselves, JCD provides, resources, documentation, and training to help those clients feel as comfortable with editing their sites as possible. 

Define your business in 5 words or less.

This simple, yet vital exercise can make the difference between a potential customer finding your business or your competitor’s.
JCD will break down the basics of the businesses she works with to get the best traffic possible to their website and their business in general. 

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss this exercise and how it can help your online presence. 

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