The Right Person For The Job

Hire the Right Social Media Manager

When it comes to social media management, having the wrong person, or people, leading the charge can cost you customers and money. What happens for many traditional business owners is that one day they discover that not having an online presence is hurting their bottom line. They decide it’s imperative to join every platform (not a very good idea – but a topic for another time) and jump in with both feet without a plan.

Tone Deaf?

Tone Deaf?

Does the tone of your, or your company’s, writing on social media reflect who you are? How about who your customers are? Make sure that what you or your representatives write to connect with your clients isn’t making you look tone deaf. 

The Customer Is Always… For Sale?

Your Personal Identifiable Information Is For Sale

My introduction to social media started over 20 years ago in college with the campus intranet. From there, it was quickly followed by an account at the relatively local Iowa Student Computer Association’s (ISCA) bulletin board service (BBS) – think “early Reddit”. Users of the ISCABBS could follow topics of numerous variety as well as hold private conversations. Discussing ideas, big and small, was the norm, but admittedly, it was also how one could find a lot of dates. Little did we know, however, that what started as an easy (and fun) way to pass some time would lead to the Internet of Now – where your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is being bought and sold by, and to, the highest bidders.