Color Design

Color is an important part of your marketing and branding. It can elicit an emotional or even physical response. Choosing the right colors can help you make connections with your customers.  If you need help selecting the colors for your marketing and website, we can help. See our Graphic Design Services for logo design too!

Find color names, hexadecimal codes for HTML, complementary colors, and shades of colors.

Add a hexadecimal code and see 3 different sets of complementary colors and different shades.

Color schemes generator. Thousands of palettes to choose from. (Trending color schemes too!)

Color Conversion

Convert hexadecimal colors to RGB or RGB to hexadecimal

Convert colors between hexadecimal, RGB, CMYK (for print) and more.

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Font Resources

There are millions of fonts available today. It can be difficult to pick one, much less pair a couple of them together. User the resources below to help you do just that!

Hundreds of free fonts to choose from with filters to make it easier to slim your options.

Thousands of fonts, some free, some licensed (paid). If you need a unique font – check here.

The ultimate guide to pairing Google fonts. See them side by side with sample text.

Thousands of font pairs to choose from. If you can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist!

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Content & Search Engine Optimizaton

You know your business better than anyone, but is your message reaching your audience? If potential customers perceive your business to be something different than you are, you may need to clarify your content. Our FREE Website Content Workbook can help you clearly define what your business does so you can connect with your audience. Below are some additional resources that may also help.

This beginners guide will give you pointers on selecting keywords for optimal SEO

A great reference to see if your keywords are trending or if they have low search numbers

It’s more than a keyword research tool. This site can help you do market research too.

Learn some of the best practices of SEO from the best in the area. Great for DIY SEO!

Additional Resources

A great free writing assistant tool to help anyone improve their writing skills. 

Writer’s block be gone! Get ideas for your blog based on the topic you provide. 

Run a test on your website to see how you rate with your current SEO. 

Create Exceptional Content

Royalty-Free Stock Media

Click the site name to go to that site.

Available Media
Vector Graphics
Table Header Table Header Table Header Table Header

Image Editors

You want to create original content for your website, social media, and marketing, but to do that, you need some resources to edit those images. The resources below are free but do have different levels of learning curves. Find the one that you like best and create awesome visuals for your business!

Canva can be used to create social media images, website images, marketing materials, presentations, infographics, and more. This free resource also give you the opportunity to buy pictures, vector images, and more very low cost. Great for those just starting out. 

Pixlr is a photo editor that you can use right in your browser. It has more advanced options than Canva, which makes it a bit more difficult to learn, but the advantages of the extra tools are well worth it. Pixlr now has a graphic editor as well. 

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open-source version of another well-known Adobe program that can cost a lot of money. It includes nearly all of the same features and allows you to design and edit to your heart’s content. The learning curve on this can be difficult for those not familiar with a high level editor program.

Royalty-Free Icons

Much like royalty-free images, you should use royalty-free icons as well. Icons are the small symbols you see in front of the links on this page and may be used on apps, or on  your phone as well. Icons may come in svg, png, ico, or many other file types. When you need to use an icon, check with the program you are using to see what file type you need. 

Font Awesome is one of the most used icons resources for those who build websites with WordPress. They have new icons being added regularly. For an idea of what they have to offer, check out the Font Awesome cheatsheet.

The self-proclaimed largest database of icons, icons come in packs so you can download similar icons all at once instead of one -by-one. Search for a topic or specific icon and see what you find. 

The majority of the icons (and images) on The Noun Project website have creative commons licenses which means they are royalty-free. There may be some you find that require you to credit the creator or pay a small royalty fee to use it. Be sure to check what the license is for the icon you select.

Bonus: Image Compression for Web

When you upload an image to social media or a website, it is best practice to compress or shrink the size of the image. This is not to be confused with the length and width of the image, but the actual file size of the image. Use this tool to compress your image to a smaller size while keeping the quality of the image on your website or social post.

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