Praxilient, Inc. Website

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Created: 2017

Platform: WordPress

Theme: Astrid by aThemes

The Praxilient, Inc. website was built to reach potential new clients and project management professionals aiming to obtain their PMP certification. Features for the site included an events calendar, multiple animated image sliders, training course information with downloadable course details, a course schedule, a blog, and a contact form for communication. Additional back end features for the site included Google Analytics, site security, site backup features and SEO recommendations feature.

Praxilient definition

Praxilient, Inc. focuses on improving your productivity, based on your performance measures (speed to market, efficient operations, and revenue growth). They break down the performance issues to focus on practical and proven ways to gain the needed and measured change. Praxilient measure themselves by the gains that your business makes and the value generated.