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Business Type: eCommerce Retail

Case Study GraphThe website started out with 5,892 site visits per month. One year later, site traffic increased to 8,294 visits per month, an increase of over 40%. The declining site visits they were seeing resulted in lower product sales. Over the course of that year, JCD Promotions developed a multifaceted promotional campaign, targeting both past customers and potential new business. Following this campaign, JCD developed and deployed a new e-commerce website resulting in over a 44% increase in product sales over the same time period the prior year. Along with the new website, updated keywords were added to the pages, products, and images for improved SEO resulting in a 453% increase in organic site traffic in just over a year.

Customer feedback was analyzed to drive the new website's development. Improvements in site navigation and search features decreased dropped transactions and saw a rise in processed sales. The website also provides reporting to review customer and transactional data giving the client the details to make informed fact-based business decisions. The website platform also gives the client the capability for single application management of their inventory, shipping, and offline phone orders.

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“I must say, I knew Carrie was good, but I never imagined she was this good. Besides her creative arts and design skills, she’s a consumate professional and project manager. I think that if you don’t consider hiring Carrie in the future for some of your web design and marketing needs, you really need to check your sanity. She’s that good.”

– Angel Piniero – Founder, Tech4All

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