Appleton Barber Supply Website


Designed: 2018

Platform: WordPress

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The Appleton Barber Supply website is an ecommerce site selling barber supplies and equipment. The site includes 1200+ products, including replacement parts, organized into categories.  A search feature allows customers to find products easily as well as filters under each category. The site's design offers a clean, user-friendly interface with related product links and sharing buttons. Additional back-end features for the site include site security, site backup features, an analytics dashboard, and an SEO recommendations feature.

Appleton Barber Supply - Free Shipping on Orders over $85

As one of the oldest barber supply companies in the United States, Appleton Barber Supply is your trusted resource to provide you the barber supplies and equipment you need to run your business. When we started in 1926, our sales reps went door-to-door to barber shops to provide them the quality tools and accessories they needed. Today, we offer all these items through our online store so you have access to the products you need when you need them.