5 Valuable Items Your Website Needs for A Polished Web Presence

Your website is the hub of your business making it the most important part of your marketing strategy. Today, when someone seeks a product or service, they have opinions in a matter of minutes. They are gleaning that information from a host of websites and social media, reading reviews and, yes, seeing the sites that are utilizing either the best search engine optimization (SEO) or paying to make their presence known through ads.  If you don’t have a website, or your site is out of date you could be missing out on potential revenue. Think of it this way, if you tried to find information on a business and they didn’t have a site or it was 3 years out of date, would you do business with them?

At a minimum, your website should provide these five items:

  • A short summary of your business (About Us)
    This should include how long you’ve been in business or when your business started, some key values (products or services) your business provides, a short introduction to your team and any additional information you want people to know and associate with your business.
  • A listing of your services or products
    While a detailed list isn’t needed, giving the site visitor an overview of what you offer can help lead them to ask for more information. The goal is to get them to engage after all.
  • A reason why your business provides value
    This may be included in your About Us section, but if you can’t prove value to a potential customer, why would they choose you? Value is going to be the biggest asset to your business and showing this on your website is a necessity.
  • A call-to-action
    Once a potential client has landed on your website, you want them to do something. That may be sign up for your newsletter, order a product, or just contact you to learn more. To get this engagement, you need to provide some encouragement. A contact us form, a newsletter signup button, or even a comment area on your blog (if you have one, which I recommend).
  • A way to contact you
    Let’s be honest, all of these things on your website would be pointless without at least one way for a potential lead to contact you. That may be in the form of a contact us page, an email address, or phone number, but give them a way to reach you.

This is a very short list and there are many ways to add value and engagement to your website. Just think about the sites you visit; which ones engage you and result in your patronizing that business. Does your site live up to those standards? Is it time for a refresh?

2017 is just starting and it may be the perfect opportunity for you to polish your web presence.

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