From the dust of the digital marketing revolution emerged an entrepreneur focused on empowering small business owners to take control of their online presence.

Since 2005, as CEO & Creative Director of JCD Promotions, Carrie Drephal has been a trusted advisor working with small businesses and non-profit organizations to bridge the gap between IT and Marketing. JCD provides web development and marketing services to small businesses along with training, tools, and resources to reap the rewards of a strong online marketing strategy.

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COVID, Chaos, and Coming Back Strong

I think it’s safe to say that many, if not most, people in the USA, let alone the rest of the world feel a bit like the rug has been pulled from beneath our collective feet. I’ve also seen a lot of people comment that this year has felt much like the movie Jumanji; we’re leveling up to some new, terrible reality with each passing month. (Full Disclosure: I’ve never seen Jumanji, but I probably should watch it if I’m going to reference it in a post, no?) Business owners and employees alike are on tenterhooks as we watch events around the globe and at home. This is leaving many of us at a loss for words and ideas. I’m a big fan of meditation. In today’s post, I’m going to ask three questions to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to your business in this precarious time similar to what you’d contemplate during a meditation session. How is your business doing right now? Honestly, how is your business doing? Great? Alright, but could it be better? Not dead yet? Are you ready to call the coroner? Thankfully, running a business is not like “Fight Club.” What happens at your business should not stay within the confines of your office. Your customers want to know what’s happening, what you’re doing, and likely, what they can do to help. In the last few months in the Madison, Wisconsin, area, I’ve witnessed some tremendous steps taken by patrons of various […]

Mark Your Calendars! Your “Editorial Calendars” that is.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay When you decided to start your business, it was likely that you needed to create a business plan. You needed to explain what your business was, what you wanted to achieve, and how you planned to achieve it. It is highly likely that you created an outline of that plan before acting on your strategy. It would be best if you approached your business’s social media in the same way. Enter: The Editorial Calendar.

Is your company's website accessible?

Accessibility in the Age of the Internet

It is highly likely that your place of business is accessible to those with disabilities, but is your website? Installing wider doors, ramps, and lower counters can help those visiting in person, but if your site doesn’t have some basic design features, you may be turning away customers and clients before they even have a chance to be your customers.



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– Don Herrmann, Herrmann Advantage Consulting, LLC

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